Why Automatic?

You’ll find it easier. We promise.

Manual cars mean multi-tasking and constant concentration. Checking the rev-counter, changing gears and, our favourite – the pesky clutch pedal.

In an automatic car, there is no clutch pedal and the gears automatically change for you. This lessens the physical stress of driving, and you’ll always have both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.


Learning in an automatic means you’ll:

  • start, stop and steer easily
  • move off from junctions and traffic lights without worrying about stalling
  • negotiate roundabouts more calmly.


You’ll be a safer driver.

Not having to change gear leaves you free to concentrate on more important things like steering and planning ahead, making you a safer driver, particularly in busy traffic and long journeys.


You’ll save money.

New drivers can learn up to 40% faster in an automatic than in a manual. Paying for fewer lessons means you’ll have more money left over for your first car!