What Is Pass Plus?


Ditch the L plates, you've passed!

At last, you’ve passed your practical test.  Be proud of yourself; you can finally ditch the L-plates!


However, no one’s perfect – accidents happen, even to the best of drivers. As a newly qualified driver, your lack of experience on the road unfortunately means you can expect insurance premiums to be through the roof. Of course, this will have a knock-on effect, seriously limiting your choice of first cars. (Read here for more advice on buying your first car).

According to the Driving Standards Agency, the first two years after passing your practical test is the most likely period for you to have a car accident in your whole lifetime of driving.


Pass Plus can save you money on your car insurance.


Pass Plus gives new drivers the chance to cut the cost of their car insurance by as much as 30%. Launched in 1995, Pass Plus allows anyone who has passed their practical driving test in the past 12 months to practice driving in new environments and situations with a qualified instructor.


What will Pass Plus teach me that I don’t already know?

Pass Plus aims to develop further the skills you learnt before you passed your test – hopefully making you an aware, confident driver. The course takes a minimum of six hours to complete and is split into the following practical modules:

Driving at night


 – Driving in towns

   (learn to cope with complex road systems and rush hour traffic)


 – Driving at night

(learn to judge speed and distance in the dark, while refining awareness of pedestrians/cyclists)


 – Driving on rural roads

(learn how to handle narrow/bumpy roads, tight bends, little or no road markings, and animals in your path)


 – Driving on dual carriageways/motorways

(learn the correct use of different lanes, maintaining correct distances between vehicles, and joining/leaving multi-lane roads safely)


 – Driving in extreme weathers

(learn to drive safely in fog, heavy rain, snow, etc.)


There are no tests involved with Pass Plus, but you’ll have to show that you can adhere to the necessary standard throughout the course.


Where can I go for Pass Plus?

Bran’s Driving School is one of Birmingham’s leading providers of Pass Plus. Contact us today to get started with Pass Plus.